Crème de la crème of arts and fashion in Paris
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«When God is bored in heaven, he opens the window and looks out over the Parisian boulevards»
"Midnight in Paris" Motion Picture,
Woody Allen (2011)
"Midnight in Paris",
Woody Allen (2011)
Crème de la crème of Parisian fashion, art, gastronomy and ballet
We invite you to Paris, which we are passionately in love with. This city smells of love and freedom. And also rain, chestnuts, snails in Burgundy, second-hand bookstores and crêpes from Brittany.

A trip in May is the quintessence of joy, piercing art de vivre, painting, fashion, gastronomy, modern dance in the most beautiful theater in the world, burlesque cabaret, pink champagne with cakes from that very Cedric from Avenue de l'Opéra.

You will be immersed in the world of geniuses Yves Saint Laurent and Albert Elbaz. Fresh French fashion and beauty trends from Soboleva's Entourage, a picnic in the sunlit Luxembourg Garden, the secrets of the Paiva mansion and the most beautiful theater in the world — Opéra Garnier.
Itinerary idea
The program below is a specimen. Our experts will customize it in accordance with your preferences.
• Arrival or arrival in Paris, self-transfer

• Accommodation at the Nolinski 5-star hotel

• 17:00 – Lecture by Soboleva's retinue "What is it like to be a Parisian in 2022"? About the new Parisian women and the role of France in the modern fashion, beauty and life-style industry. The entourage will also prepare an up-to-date Paris fashion guide for all participants.

Sobolev's retinue is our constant partner and guide to the world of style and fashion in Paris. She is always up to date with all the trends, new products and secret Paris addresses.

The meeting will take place at the iconic Tokyo-style Amour Hotel, a stone's throw from Pigalle. It was opened by the Costes and Clique brothers, the founders of the most popular Baron Club, the Costes Hotel, the Beaubourg cafe and many other fashionable places in Paris. Here they decided to play a little with the themes of love and eroticism and by this alone attracted an endless stream of couples in love who flew to Paris for a romantic weekend.

• 19:30 – Return to the hotel

• 21:30 – Cabaret show at Le BœUf Sur Le Toit and dinner

Le BœUf sur le toit has been a success since its opening in 1921. He quickly became the center of Parisian cabaret and reigned throughout the twenties. At the premiere, pianist Jean Wiener, whom Moises had brought with him from Gaia, played Gershwin's melodies, while Cocteau and Millau accompanied him on drums. The premiere was attended by Pablo Picasso, Rene Claire, Sergei Diaghilev and Maurice Chevalier.

Jazz musicians from other Parisian clubs showed up at Le Buf after work and played late into the night, because Paris was primarily a city of jazz. In France, the expression "faire un bœuf" is still used by musicians to this day in the meaning of "arrange a jam session" and comes from the name of this cabaret.
* The travel organiser may change particular details of the program which shall not make your experience less enjoyable or intense
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