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A romantic holiday in Morocco, a retrieving escape to the Seychelles, a birthday on the vineyards of Bordeaux or an aniversary at a historic villa in Tuscany. Descartes travel experts hand-craft unique experiences for you and your occasion.
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Discover Europe's chateaus and castles together with notable residents — artists, writers, musicians, winemakers and award-winning chefs. Experience the legendary cuisine and the wine tradition of Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Tuscany, Piedmont and the Basque Country.
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Discover destinations and experiences hand-picked by Descartes travel experts
Maldives and Seychelles Resorts collection
Endless sandy beaches, the pristine nature, breathtaking panoramic views and an ideal climate throughout the year.
Attend a dozen of Venetian palazzos, visit the Venice Biennale, admire the Napoleonic gardens and explore the Venice of Joseph Brodsky.
Architecture and spirit of Venice
Intelligence and grace of Amsterdam
Where paintings of Van Gogh and Rembrandt meet post-1980s contemporary art. Discover off the beaten track artistic Amsterdam.
A county with its own language, culture and history without a ruler and a capital city, which is magnetic for a traveller.
Authentic culture and cuisine of Basque Country
The heart of the Renaissance and modern art patronage, from Ludovico Sforza to Miuccia Prada.
A new prospective on heritage and modernity of Milan
From €2.900 for a weekend getaway
From €2.900 for a weekend getaway
Home for exclusive wine houses and impressive stories about world-famous winemakers.
History, fame and splendor of wineries in Champagne
Grape fragrances, warm sea waves, breathtaking panoramic views and exquisite chateaus.
The genuine french charm and refined culture of Bordeaux
From €2.400 for a weekend getaway
From €2.900 for a weekend getaway
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